What’s in a name?

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For many years now we’ve been helping companies, organisations, charities with their branding – name, brand image, brand & business strategy, brand marketing & communication.

Just recently we thought it was time to help ourselves.

Having traded as Carl Jones Design Ltd for the past 18 years (yes, we are 18 this year, our company is now grown up!) we decided it was time for a slight change. Hence the new trading name – Branded by Jones. Our Limited Company name and details remain the same.

We followed the same process of asking questions, understanding our requirements as we do with our clients. We came up with several options for the name. And then a whole range of creative ideas.

So, why Branded by Jones?

We wanted to get across what it is that we do. We do ‘Branding’ and everything associated with it.

And there are two of us who lead the business creatively – Carl Jones & Clare Heighway-Jones. Sometimes it’s assumed that it’s just Carl. We wanted to stop and change that assumption.

Hence Branded by Jones.

It’s really easy to change your name and brand identity. It’s what we do. Let me know if we can help?

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