Here we go. Again.

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So. Here we are again. Back in lockdown. Is it lockdown 2 or lockdown 3. For us it’s lockdown 2. The last lockdown wasn’t really a lockdown. Schools were open. The traffic on the roads was at normal levels.

This time, our daughters are home from school again. They are now age 10 & 12. Lockdown 1 they were 9 & 11! And we are all in the studio going about our daily business. I can’t claim to be home schooling. Because we’re not. Clare and I are getting on with running our business. And the girls are getting on with their school work. We get together at break time and lunchtime, chat about our days so far. The girls finish at 3pm. We don’t. I constantly get told off by them for talking too loudly on the phone or when on Teams meetings. Or for playing my music too loud. YES! When Clare or I ask them if they need any help, it’s obvious that they think we know nothing. Sigh.

Once again, we are in uncertain times. Unchartered territory. When is all of this going to end? When will we find ‘normality’ or some kind of ‘new normal’?

As in Lockdown 1, with our clients, associates and suppliers we are seeing famine, feast – and a lot inbetween.

We are still busy with our loyal clients – we’ve actually picked up a few new ones along the way – and started working again with some clients from years ago. The New Year has also seen some new enquiries come in. We are grateful for all of this.

They say we are ‘all in the same boat’. No we’re not. Everyone’s circumstances are different. But we should all be there for each other.

How are you? How are you doing? Please remember that – as in lockdown 1 – we are here – if you need us. For a chat, for advice. Whatever you want.

Stay safe. Stay strong. Don’t struggle alone. And don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Best wishes


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