How are you all?

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From the people I’ve spoken to and the posts I’ve viewed on social media and email, I can see that some are thriving, some are coping. And some are struggling.

Me? Thanks for asking. I’m fine. And so is our company.

There are two of us in our business – Clare and myself – and we are used to working from home. We have a couple of differences at the moment though – our daughters, age 9 and 11, are now in the studio with us doing their home schooling, and we are loving having them here with us. Also I’m not travelling to see clients (instead I’m doing lots of calls and video chats) which has freed up probably about a third of my week.

We are busy with our loyal clients – with getting their message out regarding COVID-19 and how it affects their customers; planning for when this is over; and developing new ideas and messages with them. Some of these clients have us on a monthly retainer meaning we can react to their needs immediately.

Lots of ongoing projects – including brand positioning, brand creation, communication materials, websites and brand marketing.

And we’ve also taken on several new clients in the past week – for brand positioning, brand creation and packaging design – so that these businesses are ready for when some semblance of normality starts to return.

We have a network of individuals and companies that we rely on – our partners. These include our website developers, our printers, our sign manufacturers. A big shout out to you all and hope you stay safe while still servicing our clients’ needs during this time – you know who you are.

What’s the point of this post? It’s not a sales post. It’s just to say hello, really. To check in, let you know we’re ok. And to ask if you are too?

And remember – if anybody wants to chat, pick my brains, needs any advice – I’m here.

No strings attached, no obligations. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

Take care and be safe.


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