Online or in person?

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Online or in person?

This morning I was chatting with my daughters, Daisy & Florence, about where we’d like to visit in the coming months.

I mentioned that I’d like to get out to art some galleries again. Visiting places such as Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool, The Royal Academy, Baltic in Newcastle, The Design Museum – and independent galleries in small towns – really inspires me.

But Florence actually disagreed. She’s 11 years old and her take on life is completely different…

‘Why would I need to go to London or Liverpool to an art gallery when I can go online and see the art on Youtube or other websites? I think you’re quite old fashioned, Daddy. Nobody needs to go there in person any more…’ was her argument.

Suffice to say, a discussion ensued. But in reality neither of us is right. Neither of us is wrong. I actually hear what she’s saying.

But I do believe that sometimes a visit in person gives the best experience – and can provide life enhancing inspiration. Just last year, we were lucky enough to visit the Antony Gormley exhibition at the Royal Academy. There is NO WAY the pure scale of the pieces could been appreciated via a video or screen.

And I’ve been a fan of Gary Hume’s work for years, I love the simplicity of it. This was enhanced years ago when I attended an exhibition of his work at the Whitechapel Gallery. Pieces that I already loved seemed even more amazing in real life – large aluminium panels at a scale I hadn’t realised.

Online shopping is great – but for lots of items you can’t beat visiting a shop. Stationery. Books. Records. Clothes. Bikes. Tech. Food. Give me a shop any day. But of course we shop online lots too – we are on first name terms with some of our delivery drivers!

It’s the same with how we work. During the past couple of years, 80% of our client meetings have been done via Teams – which is great as it’s given me much more spare time as I’ve not been travelling. But nothing beats a face to face ‘get to know’ session at the start of working together. And showing first concepts in person gives a great feel for what someone is really thinking.

Hope to see you soon.

Meanwhile, we’ll be taking Daisy & Florence out to some galleries soon…


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