Define your mission and your brand's purpose

Irrespective of the size of your organisation, it’s important that we determine your position within your market – and we need to ensure that you have clarity in your brand strategy.

We need to communicate three things – Who you are, what you do, & who you do it for.

In our initial ‘get to know’ session, we’ll find out what makes your brand unique, what its purpose is. We’ll ask lots of questions – who are your ideal customers? What is your competition? We’ll research your industry. And we always ensure that there is an up to date mission statement and a valid set of brand values or qualities.

We will then develop a positioning strategy which forms our creative brief and becomes our reference point. Then we’ll position your brand at the heart of this strategy.

Your brand needs an authentic story, it needs something that connects with people, and that story is an important part of the design process. Sometimes it’s already there, sometimes we have to really dig to find it. It can be very simple or deeply rich and complex. Either way it needs to be engaging and interesting.

At this stage we will also usually develop a descriptor or strapline to support the brand identity.

Your brand needs to connect and resonate with all key stakeholders – staff, customers, potential customers – the people most important to any brand.

It’s important to remember – a brand without strategy is simply just a logo.

With over 50 years’ combined experience, the team at Carl Jones Design are uniquely positioned as Shropshire & the Midlands’ leading design agency specialising in brand strategy and positioning.

What can we do for you?

• Brand positioning
• Vision & values
• Mission statement
• Naming
• Competitor research
• Brand marketing strategy
• Brand marketing implementation
• Internal messaging & communication


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