*Branding started when farmers used to take their cattle to market. They were branded so as to be identified and recognised. They would then be shown around the ring – that’s the brand awareness & marketing. They’d be listed in the catalogue – that’s the advertising. Then the auction part is the sales.

It’s that simple.


Why would you need our services?


We are an experienced, business-minded branding agency established in 2003. Specialising in strategy-led brand consultancy and brand design, our services include strategy & planning, brand positioning, brand creation, brand implementation, brand awareness campaigns and digital marketing.


Your new company may need a name & a brand identity.
Your website may look dated. You may not sell enough products.
You may be frustrated with your current agency.
Your new product may need a name, brand image, packaging & website.
Maybe your branding doesn’t make you stand out from the competition.
You may need to reach out to new and current customers via email marketing.


We can help to make a difference.
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Branding & Digital Communication.

An effective brand image will make a difference to your business or product

Brand creation

We design and create brand identities for all size of business and organisation – local, national and international.

Brand positioning

What does your current brand communicate? Does it say 'Who you are, what you do, & who you do it for'? Does it reflect your brand values?

Brand implementation

In order to have consistency in your brand identity, it is vital that its implementation is managed properly.

Brand awareness

For us, brand awareness is quite simply the act of getting your brand identity out into your marketplaces.

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