Monthly support packages

From four hours to two days per month

We are increasingly being asked by our clients for monthly support in their brand marketing and brand implementation.

This can be provided in a variety of ways.

For some clients, we simply write and schedule their monthly email marketing, or prepare their monthly printed newsletter. For others we attend monthly marketing meetings, act as their brand marketing director and do their strategy & planning. For some we act as their ‘Brand Guardians’ and oversee all brand implementation. And sometimes we combine some or all of these activities. Whatever works best for you.

What can we do for you?

  • Email marketing – planning and implementation
  • Printed marketing – planning and implementation
  • Brand marketing meeting facilitators
  • Brand marketing strategy development
  • Brand guardianship
  • 2 hours per month
  • 4 hours per month
  • 1 day per month
  • 2 days per month

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