Seven benefits of a printed brochure

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We live and work in a digital age – which we love – but I believe that there’s still very much a place for print. I’d much prefer to receive a well-designed, lovingly crafted brochure or catalogue in my morning post than the plethora of junk emails that await me daily on every device.

For those of the opinion that that digital is the only way, I always remind them that even Google still write to me several times a year! Far from being obsolete, print is actually a great way to achieve cut-through in the crowded digital space.

Both print and digital are an important part of communicating with your customers – each have their place, and both are part of the ‘six points of contact’ that influence decisionmakers when choosing a brand, company, product or service to use.

So let’s explore some of the tangible benefits of using print in your marketing mix – specifically, in the form of a well-crafted printed brochure.


A printed brochure is tactile, it’s permanent. Like a good book, you can pick up a piece of printed media, browse at your leisure and come back to it later, whereas you’re less likely to keep referring to the same email or website. If it’s beautifully presented, people are reluctant to simply bin it, and will tend to keep it to refer back to days, weeks, months or even years later.


If a printed brochure is well designed and informative, people will share it; they’ll pass it along to colleagues or contacts who might find it interesting, useful and informative. Ultimately, this is another form of referral marketing which shouldn’t be underestimated in the marketing mix.


Having the undivided attention of your reader can sometimes be a luxury in the online world; research shows that websites are often skimmed in as little as 15 seconds per visit, while print readers will typically engage with magazine content for up to 43 minutes. It makes sense – after a long day in front of a computer screen looking at multiple information streams, it’s refreshing to read a brochure.


A brochure can communicate authority and help to build trust in your offering. It lets your customers know that you’re established and dependable, and that you take your brand – and their business – seriously.


People tend to have shorter attention spans online, so it can be tricky to communicate lots of information in one space; you’re relying on the reader scrolling through content or clicking through pages. A brochure, on the other hand, lets you present large amounts of information in a small and compact space – which is great if you have lots of products to showcase or complex services to explain.


A beautifully designed, well-printed brochure on a good paper stock can be a great way to establish a brand’s credibility and reflect its values. It helps you stand out and allows you to showcase what’s truly different about your business. For example, are you known for pushing boundaries? Being creative? Championing simplicity? Having a rich history? Print helps you communicate all this and more.


Post it to prospective clients, pass it to new contacts at networking meetings, stock it in your reception area, hand it out at exhibitions and industry events, or use it to draw people to your website by including short URLS to your website and social channels. A printed brochure is an incredibly versatile piece of marketing collateral that can be used in countless creative ways.

When was the last time you received a great brochure – and do you still have it around? Love it or hate it, print is such a cost-effective way to make a big impression – just ask any of our clients. One of the things we absolutely love doing is helping brands to showcase their products and services in beautiful, creative and impactful ways.

As a designer, I still get just as excited about a new piece of printed work as I did when I was fresh out of Preston Polytechnic all those years ago. Nothing beats seeing that first pull of the running sheets, the smell of the ink, and the anticipation of receiving the finished piece!

We also recognise the importance of our environmental considerations, and our chosen printers – Crewe Colour Printers – are FSC Approved, which allows us to print onto certified papers, including recycled.

So how can we help you bring print into your marketing mix?

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