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So. Here we are again. Back in lockdown. Is it lockdown 2 or lockdown 3. For us it’s lockdown 2. The last lockdown wasn’t really a lockdown. Schools were open. The traffic on the roads was at normal levels. This time, our daughters are home from school again. They are now age 10 & 12.[…]

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Christmas 2020

What a year 2020 has been. We want to wish all of our clients, friends, associates, suppliers – and anyone who we know – a Wonderful, Happy & Safe Christmas & New Year. Take care all and see you in 2021. Illustration by Clare Heighway-Jones this year #christmas #branddesign #graphicdesign #shropshire #brandedbyjones

From the people I’ve spoken to and the posts I’ve viewed on social media and email, I can see that some are thriving, some are coping. And some are struggling. Me? Thanks for asking. I’m fine. And so is our company. There are two of us in our business – Clare and myself – and we[…]

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We live and work in a digital age – which we love – but I believe that there’s still very much a place for print. I’d much prefer to receive a well-designed, lovingly crafted brochure or catalogue in my morning post than the plethora of junk emails that await me daily on every device. For those of[…]

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